Welcome to the wiki for all Malcher families around the world.

If you'd like to find out about other Malchers, or if you'd like to be contacted by other Malchers around the world, please add your details here. Who you are you, where you are from, something of your family history and how you can be contacted.
This page invites information from Malchers around the world. If you'd like your details to be included in this list, with the aim of finding other family members.
a) What city/country you are in.
b) Where and how far you've traced your Malcher lineage.
c) Other Malcher's you know of not listed here.
d) Your e-mail address.
e) Any other information you believe would be relevant.

Please try to keep e-mails to a maximum of ten lines of text. If you use a language other than English , include at minimum an English language summary.

Input so far:

  • Australia - Sydney.
    We've traced our line of Malchers back to 1630, in Fulnek and the nearby Odrau and Wolfsdorf, in north eastern Moravia (Mähren) in the former Czechoslovakia, within what was the Austro-Hungarian empire.
    Email: hm@malcher com au

  • Australia - Canberra
    Chris Malcher
    malcher@electrons.com.au, www.chrismalcher.com
    We've tracked our Malcher line to the small Czech town of Fulnek in about 1720.
    Our family more recently came from Innsbruck, Austria.
    The story of the Malcher and its related von Kronenfeldt families has been written, and published in 2007.

  • Australia - Melbourne.
    Greg Malcher and family, grandparents probably from southern Poland, near Czech border.

  • Germany - Stuttgart
    Michael Malcher, b1860, and family. Father arrived in West Germany before 'The Wall' was built. Grandfather lived near Leipzig, came originally from Poland or Czechoslovakia

  • England - Ashton, Northamptonshire
    Traced back to 1739 when a William Molsha married a Mary Hodgkins. Other Malchers still live in this English village. They'd love to hear of others who may be related.

  • Veracruz - Mexico
    Walter Malcher 1900, Navsi Silesia, Czech, Margarita Gretel Malcher, Bialia, Poland

  • Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia) - Kosice
My name is Dana Malcherova my grandfather was born (1924) in Slovakia in the town called Senec, he grow up in Kosice where my father was born (1950 ). I have one sister born 1977 and I was born 1979 - danam13@azet.sk

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